The Staff

Grant made his first Parachute jump in 1980 and since then has jumped over 7000 times. After serving for 22 years in the Royal Air Force as a Parachute Jump Instructor he joined forces with Jason Thompson and now co-owns UK Parachuting (Sibson) and UK Parachuting (Beccles). Grant is an AFF & Tandem instructor as well as the Club Chief Pilot. Along with this Grant also runs the booking office with support from his wife Susie. Grant is originally from Gloucester and is a keen supporter of Gloucester Rugby Club and enjoys some friendly banter with Chris McCann, the Club Chief instructor who supports arch rivals Leicester Tigers! Grant also loves cooking, music and spending time with his family.

Chris has been skydiving for 12 years and as well as being the Club Chief Instructor at UK Parachuting Sibson, he is also an AFF and Tandem Instructor, CSI, Examiner, to list but a few. Originally from Newcastle he spent most of his career in the Parachute Regiment before entering the world of sport parachuting. When he is not skydiving he loves to spend time with his family and is a very keen supporter of The Leicester Tigers. Chris also enjoys the odd pint and slice of cake which means he has to go running when he can! Not shy of a bit of fun, Chris once paddled down the River Trent in a rubber dingy for charity with a group of skin heads and raised around £5000! He loves being an instructor and helping people progress through the sport as well as taking people on tandems and giving them that one off experience they will never forget.

I did my first tandem skydive in Australia in 1999 when I went travelling over there and got immediately hooked! I did my AFF course soon after and returned home a year later with over 200 jumps. Iíve always been a keen photographer so becoming a camera flyer seemed like a natural thing for me to do. Filming people jumping out of a plane for the first time is fantastic Ė I love seeing the look on their face! Iíve competed in Freeflying a few times and even got myself a couple of medals!! Iíve skydived all around the world and have been working at Sibson since 2003. I now have over 3500 jumps and Iím a FF/FS coach, CH coach and I recently qualified as an AFF instructor. This sport is awesome Ė you never stop learning! When Iím not skydiving I love tunnel flying, mountain biking, photography, running, hanging out with my friends and drinking mojitos. I make the best ever Cuban mojitos . . . had lots of practise!

My first jump was in 1992 and since then I havenít looked back. I have been skydiving full time since 1997 mainly working here at Sibson, I also had an 18 month stint skydiving in Spain which was great fun. Iíve also been lucky enough to skydive in some amazing places around the world, and one of the most memorable would be down the side of the Eiger in Switzerland. I teach everything from Static line, AFF, Tandem, Canopy handling and Piloting, formation skydiving to wingsuiting, as well as being Sibsons Display Team Leader. I have also been heavily involved in organising and filming several large wingsuit formations in the UK, Europe and America. As well as being a part of the organising team and one of the camera men for the current US national record for largest wingsuit formation. One of the most random things Iíve had to do as part of the job was co-ordinating, and safely jumping with someone sitting in a barberís chair having a shave while free falling for an advert. When Iím not skydiving, I enjoy snowboarding, photography, mountain biking and flying my paramotor.

I have been regularly skydiving for over 14 years and am an Accelerated Free Fall Instructor, Category System Instructor, Tandem Instructor, FS Coach, CH Coach and a Canopy Piloting Coach. I also take great pride in looking after and helping the Basic Instructors get through their training to become instructors. My favorite part of skydiving is teaching people AFF and high speed canopy piloting. I am also an avid photographer and have had skydiving and other photos published in national and international press. When not skydiving I am keen ammeter astronomer and also a secret bedroom guitar hero (a real one not a play station one!) I write and record my own music and play all the parts (guitars, drums, bass and keyboards) in my home recording studio (the mothership). I am yet to hit it big time but who knows next years X Factor !

Guy Martin
I have been skydiving for over 10 years and love every single jump. I am an avid formation skydiver and have been on 4 way teams pretty much since the beginning of time. I am also a camera flyer and regularly can be seen filming tandem jumps. One day i hope to be a tandem instructor so i am working towards this at the moment.

Nick has been skydiving for 10 years and is a Tandem and Accelerated Free Fall Instructor, a Free Fly, CP, CF and Tunnel Coach and a CSI. He has skydived all over the globe as he spent several years on the 'Red Devils' Free Fall Team. This was one of the perks of being in the Parachute Regiment! Originally from sunny Sheffield in South Yorkshire, Nick is married with two gorgeous daughters. When he isn't skydiving or having quality family time he takes parts in triathlons and enjoys the odd pint! Nick loves skydiving not only for the thrill of free fall and flying his parachute, but meeting new people coming into the sport and giving them the experience of a life time.

Marc has been skydiving for 7 years and is a Tandem Instructor, Accelerated Free Fall Basic Instructor plus a CH, FS and CP coach. He has skydived in the USA and Spain but at the moment prefers the gorgeous weather and views that Cambridgeshire boasts! Originally from Cambridge he is currently studying a PhD in Physics (Semiconductor Quantum Computing Technologies). When he is not revising for exams or skydiving he loves snowboarding, waterpolo, lacrosse and sailing. Marc loves skydiving because it makes him much less of a geek plus it sounds pretty cool when chatting up girls!

Steve has been jumping since 2002 and is an AFF & Tandem Instructor as well as FF, FS & CH Coach, IBA Level 4 Tunnel Instructor and IBA Level 4 Tunnel Coach. His achievements include 2013 World Cup, Freefly Ė 4th, British National Championships, Freefly - 3rd, 2013 Bodyflight World Challenge, 4-way Dynamic Freefly Ė 3rd. He also holds two Guinness World Records for tunnel flying and was part of the British Head Down & Head Up records in 2013. Steve started skydiving for a bit of fun as he always thought it looked cool, although never intended on doing it for a living at first. Now itís his job and favourite sport/hobby, and he still loves it as much now as he did 10 years ago, in fact he says its getting better all the time! His other hobbies include: Snowboarding, Base Jumping, Motorbikes, Cycling, Speed Riding and anything else that goes fast.

I have been jumping for 17 years but have been around skydiving all my life. My Dad, Mum and brother work at our family-owned drop zone in Cornwall, so skydiving truly is in the Wood family blood. I spent the first years of my skydiving career competing all over the world in 4way formation competitions, I won many medals and Iím especially proud of the gold ones. I now have over 2000 jumps and I am a tandem instructor and formation skydiving coach. One of the things I love most about the sport is that it brings together people from all walks of life and no matter how many jumps you have, thereís always something more to learn. When Iím not in the air I enjoy scuba diving and snowboarding but most of my time is taken up Ironman training. I love rock music and in another life Iíd be Slash from Guns n Roses.

WINGSUIT COACH & EXAMINER - James 'Macca' MacDonald
I'm a wingsuit nerd and have been flying them pretty much since they stopped being made of leather and metal. As a BPA wingsuit coach and a Phoenix Fly Coach examiner, give me a shout if you want to do anything wingsuit related; from that first flight, right up to becoming a coach - or anything in between. As well as skydiving, I enjoy BASE jumping, disco dancing, roller skating and collecting small porcelain dogs. If you see me on the DZ, come and say hello and be prepared for a hug. I love hugs. Seriously.

Guy signed up for an Accelerated Free Fall Course in 1993 having tried a variety of other adventure sports. He fell in love with Skydiving during his first Free Fall and has since gone on to become a Tandem Instructor, Static Line Instructor, Formation Skydiving and Canopy Coach. He regularly travels to California to skydive, and has also jumped in Europe and onto the beaches of Kenya. One of his most memorable skydives involved climbing out of the cockpit of a glider, shuffling along the wing and rolling of the leading edge. Known for his Skydiving fashion sense, Guy regularly gives fashion tips to other members of the UK Parachuting team! Guy's goal is to share his love of the sport, and to assist up and coming new jumpers to have fun and be safe.

I'm 36 years old and did my first skydive 20 years ago! Although I've not been active in the sport for as long as that I have managed to do 1300 skydives so far. I've worked at UK Parachuting Sibson for a couple of years as a camera flyer and this year decided to go for my Tandem rating, which I achieved in May (2012). I've also been a keen BASE jumper for the past decade, and I also enjoy taking my nephews to theme parks, so life really is in the fast lane! My 'day' job is a Tattoo Artist and I also enjoy traveling and skydiving around the world.

Brad Dimmock
Hey I'm Brad i work in reception. I am a qualified skydiver and have spent a season jumping in Australia. I'm now here at UK Parachuting helping out on the front desk and various other DZ duties. In other words I AM THE MANIFESTOR ! A tough job juggling all of our Tandem and charity jumpers, as well as all of the experienced skydivers who call UK Parachuting their home. Come and say hi i don't bite.

Oliver Neuberger
Ollie has been skydiving since someone talked him into a first jump while drunk in a bar at University Ė it seemed like a good idea at the time. After his first jump, he did a second, then a third, and then kind of got carried away. He has been skydiving for fourteen years, and made some great friends and had a lot of fun along the way. He is a BPA and USPA rated AFF and Category System Instructor, and also a formation skydiving and canopy handling coach. Ollie loves introducing new people to this fantastic sport, helping them to be safe and have fun on every jump. When not teaching, he enjoys trying his hand at wingsuiting, freeflying, licking the windows in the wind tunnel and taking (occasionally in-focus) skydiving photos as a freefall camera man. Much of his time on the ground is spent giving Guy Reynolds corrective fashion tips. Other hobbies include: skiing, teaching SCUBA diving, motorbikes and mountain bikes.

FS & FF COACH/Tunnel Instructor - Ged Parker
I have been skydiving since 2005 and love everything about the sport. I am currently FS1, FF1, FF2 and an FS coach. So if you are new to the sport and you are looking to obtain your FS1, please ask for me! I am proud to be the first person to become a wind tunnel instructor at Bodyflight in Bedford and have been there since it opened in 2005. I am now Head of Bodyflight. I also enjoy scuba diving and speak fluent Italian. "Cieli blu"!

Rebecca (Becs) and Victoria (Vic) Bradley - are both AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) instructors, FS (Formation Skydiving) and CH (Canopy Handling) coaches After a friendís rather hilarious Ďhen doí at a wind tunnel at Bedford in 2007 we immediately decided that we had to learn to skydive for real Ė so learn we did. In 6.5 years we have represented the UK at 4way formation skydiving, won medals at AAA national level, opened the famous Kimberly Party at the Buxton (of bottled water fame) family estate by jumping onto the lawn and racked up 1500 jumps each and we have loved every minute of it. We are passionate FS coaches as well as AFF instructors so we can take complete newbies from their first skydive right through to coaching them at AAA level. Our approach is all about fun Ė if youíre not having fun, youíre not learning. In the real world (but whoís interested in that?!) Becs is a Senior Property Manager in the City and Vic is a freelance Management Consultant. We both also snowboard, ride motorbikes, surf (badly) sail and have recently got rather addicted to triathlons.