Susmita Jha

Oct 2014

Had an experience of a lifetime this sat.. First Skydive will always remain special it seems J Thanks to the entire Team of UKparachuting. It was a great experience and I would really want to extend my thanks to everyone out there for keeping the environment jovial and relaxing and welcoming for all. Thank you to Matt my tandem instructor too.

Joanne Dee

Sept 2014

FIANALLY DONE IT!!!!!!! I would like to say a massive thank you to you and all the staff at Sibson Airfield for helping me to achieve my ultamate dream off a lifetime. I would also like to say how well organised the day was from start to finish and at no point did I have any fears. Also, a special thank you to my instructor Gary Chapman for his time and patience.  He made me feel extremely relaxed and put my mind at ease.  He is a real asset and gem to your company. Thank you to Tim my photographer for the day who also prompted me to smile at all times always.
So, because the day was such a success, I have a voucher to return and I would like to book another Tandem Skydive next year 2015 and bring some friends!

ABF The Soldiers Charity
What can I say, I wish all skydive centres were like Sibson! Your team were SO well organised, it was slick, fast moving and had a wonderful air of calm (which you definitely don’t experience at other centres).We were all so impressed and had such a great day. Thank you all so much! I have absolutely no reservations about booking a day with you guys again! Thanks!

Georgia Ormrod

April 14

Just a quick note to thank you for the care you took in ensuring Georgia's recent tandem skydive was a really wonderful experience for her. She loved it and has been buzzing ever since and keen to talk about it with friends which is wonderful as she does not normally say a lot! The photos and DVD arrived today and are great. We will see if the local paper is interested in her jump, she has been featured a few times before, and happy to mention your excellent service. Please pass on our sincere thanks to all involved, best regards Stephen.


Claire Hadman

April 14

A massive thank you to your amazing team and a big massive thank you too the lovely instructor that took me up, was so good to be back up there. Sibson definitly is the place to be right now. I certainly will be back again. Can't wait to get the pictures and video.


Katy Herman

30 Mar 14 

I've just emailed Paul to gush about his wonderful instructors and I couldn't sleep until I'd emailed you to do exactly the same about your camera guys on our jump today (especially my guy, but I'm biased - I just wish I could remember his name!!)
Whilst it would be so easy as somebody who is only present to film our jump to be nonchalant or unenthused about what we're about to experience as first time divers, your guys were completely at the other end of the spectrum!!
They were excited, they were animated, they were a huge source of support when the nerves kicked in on the plane and more importantly, they were just as much a part of the amazing, life changing experience as we or our instructors were! They didn't lose interest once the jump and theirs was done, they were so keen to ensure we had enjoyed it and to tell us all about how the jump went from their view!! They were absolutely fantastic and a credit to your company. 
Finally, you have been brilliant! From your great communication, help and support with getting the filming sorted, down to taking the time to chat to us afterwards about our jump, about your experiences and about how the process works. You really are a fabulous team and you do an awesome job. Please pass on our thanks again to your guys, and we can't wait to see you all again soon!! Massive thanks and hi fives! Katy & Pete

Katy Herman

We just need to say THANK YOU!!!
We had an amazing day, an amazing jump and an amazing life changing experience! 
The two guys that jumped with us went above and beyond what we expected. They were funny, supportive, in control and most importantly, because of them I didn't doubt for a moment that I would be 100% safe.
I went from being the most nervous girl you could ever come across with flying, heights, and anything that remotely challenges me (my entire family never actually believed I would go through with it!!) to a super enthused, brave, inspired and confident girl, and for me this was entirely down to Mike!! So much so that we're considering doing another tandem before committing to the course to become solo divers, but only if I can have him again!!!
You guys do an amazing job - professional, yet so much fun and the relaxed, welcoming atmosphere there put two nervous ninny's completely at ease. (Please pass on our thanks once again to our two instructors). It would be so easy to underestimate the impact they can have on ones experience, or to take it for granted, but I don't think either they, or we, did. 
Finally, the camera guys were equally awesome (I will email Sarah seperately). Whilst they could have been nonchalant or unenthused with what we were doing as first time jumpers they (my guy especially) were such a source of support. Funny, comforting at moments of apprehension in the plane and about as excited as us by what we were about to experience. 
I could go on, but I'm guessing you've heard it a million times before!! I just couldn't sleep tonight until I had thanked you and your entire team for the most exhilarating experience of our lives!! You have changed us, in the most wonderfully positive way!! What a super bunch of people you are. 
Eternally indebted and excited about seeing you all again soon (you were worth the 90 mile drive!!)
Big hi fives
Katy and Pete :)

Bhavini Sidpara

March 2014
I got home today and received the photos and DVD - it is fantastic! Thank you to everyone there on the day, everyone was so friendly and helpful and definitely helped calm the nerves! Thanks again! 

Lisa Marie Ewald

Dec 14
Woohoo wow that was an excellent jump today at 15,000ft! Thanks to everyone today and well done to the other 4 who jumped out after me. I absolutely loved the adrenalin rush and can't wait for my dvd and photos to be sent out to me. Thanks again.

Min Peterson

March 2014
I had a fantastic day today still up in the clouds! Many thanks to everyone who made it possible.

Krishan Parmar

Feb 14 

Just wanted to say a big thanks to you all for helping me get through the my first skydive! After getting through the initial fear and the unknown it was an exhilarating experience. Everything was going well on the ground, but when I was up about to jump everything literally went out the window, but all part of the learning curve I guess. I would definitely like to carry on and achieve the license with your guidance. Many thanks!

Krishan Parmar

2nd March 2014 - 

Just wanted to say a big thanks to you all for helping me get through the my first skydive! After getting through the initial fear and the unknown it was an exhilarating experience. Everything was going well on the ground, but when I was up about to jump everything literally went out the window, but all part of the learning curve I guess.

I would definitely like to carry on and achieve the license with your guidance. But I was going to wait till next month, mainly due to finances. Most likely I will pay for the whole course in one go, which would mean that I have to get it done. 

Nick Stephens

28th Feb 2014  -

What a fantastic day you guys rock !! Im booking again for the summer.

Alan Timpson
22nd FEB 2014 - What a great bunch of guys. The tandem was the best experience ever !!! Ive just booked for my AFF with the best dropzone in the whole UK. (SIBSON) 

Simon Witherington

14th Feb 2014  - Thankyou to everyone who made my tandem skydive a success today! You all helped calm my nerves so much! Cannot wait to see my photos and video footage that my camera girl filmed for me,and I hope to be booking another tandem skydive,very soon! Thanks again everyone!:D 


11th February 2014 - I just wanted to thank you all at UK Parachuting for giving us the experience of a lifetime. We had a group of 10 booked in last Tuesday. We were very sceptical as we all saw the weather and the wind and floods etc.. you guys still asked us to come in so we did. The check in was quick and easy, the briefing by Mark the instructor was very good and explained everything very well. Paul the manager then did a weather briefing and told us to hang on for a few hours as the radar was showing a clear spell in the afternoon. We then drank fresh barista coffee (like a bussmans holiday for our baristas) and had a nervous wait as the winds dropped and the sky cleared. Next thing you know we are sat on the plane ready to jump.... it was amazing. thank you all again. We raised thousands for Costa charities and had a day off work. Love it

Dave Smithson

7th Feb 2014
Wow how cool is that. Special thanks to Paul for making it happen, he made contact with the charity for me, provided all the sponsor forms. I jumped for free.. aaaaamzeballs !! 

Martin Hargreaves

6th Feb 2014  - That was amazing - I was really concerned about the weather but the instructors still told me to come in. After a great briefing allaying all my fears, we had a break in the weather and went for it. Im so pleased we hung around and waited. Thanks to Paul My instructor he was first class. 

Nikhall Singh
3rd Feb 2014 - I'm now organsing a group of my friends as this was just brilliant. We have 3 so far and I am going to take you up on the offer of the 2nd jump with the discount voucher you gave me. April here we go again :)

Nikhall Singh
2nd February - WOW all i can say is thankyou. My wife and I had a great jump with you guys. What an amazing experience. Will are booked in for more in April. Thankyou.

Simon Davies
31st Jan 2014 What anawesome skydiving experience. All the staff are great at making you feel welcome and calm. The skydive was fantastic I am so pleased i did it and i am definately coming back for more.. perhaps an AFF course is next for me.. Thank you everyone

Karella Maia
 25th Jan 2014

Thank you ever so much to all of UK Parachute team for a memorable day on Saturday, especially to Shane, my great instructor, and Andy, who filmed the jump to make that moment even more unforgettable. Cheers!

Jorge Harrintgon

25th Jan 2014
Had an absolutely amazing 9th tandem jump thanks to Chris who is arguably the best tandem instructor that can be!

Dawn Roffey Parnell
 8th Dec 2014

Thank you soo much to my tandem partner mark and cameraman Dan for making my first ever skydive a truly fantastic experience! Loved every minute xx

Javier Orti

 7th Dec 2013
On Saturday 10 colleagues did a tandem jump event supporting the Brain Tumour Charity. It was so amazing I had to write a story about it. If you have ever thought about doing it, stop thinking and call them.

Lisa Marie Ewald

7th Dec 2013
Woohoo wow that was an excellent jump today at 15,000ft x thanks to everyone today and well done to the other 4 who jumped out after me lol x I absolutely loved the adrenalin rush and can't wait for my dvd and photos to be sent out to me x thanks once again xx

Michael Hoban

Nov 13
Just a quick email to say thank you very much to Chris McCann for the help and support you have given me during my AFF with you. I have passed every level with no repeats, I think that says a lot about the standard of your teaching. You always put me at ease. This has been a real personnel journey for me so I couldn't have picked a better man to be at my side. Your a brilliant instructer and a top bloke, by the way I owe you a pint! Be safe, Michael Hoban - aff qualified skydiver!!

Dawn Paxton

Sept 13

I would like to say a Big thank you to Mark Fletcher, and the camera man, they are amazing! Truly lovely individuals please pass my Thanks on for me!

Ceri Owen

Aug 13

Hi, wow received my photos and dvd, watched them with my parents and cried like a baby! Best experience ever and having a reminder is even better. Thanks again for everything.

Michael Parker

Aug 13

Thanks very much for a great day, very professional instructors with personality, the girls have said they can't imagine anything would ever beat the rush. I still can't get over the guy from the coffee shop, come camara man panicking when he saw the delivery van turn up as we were taking off, priceless. I'm sure we will be back.

Clare Hadman

Aug 13

Thank you all so much for an incrediable second jump, loved every minuet of it seemed to go so quick this time! Will be booking again very soon think its easy to say that im addicted!:)

Brendan Sutterby

Aug 13 

Just a quick message to say thank you to every one there today for making it such a smooth and memorable first jump not once did I feel scared from the moment we took off it felt like something I should of been doing a long time ago. And once out the plane it was magical, never could anyone describe that to you - you have to do it to know I really feel! This is the start of something new for me and am planning my next step now after today's experience. Thanks once again especially to Dave and Mark hopefully will see you soon when I return, can't wait for my DVD and pics to share the experience with my son who is 7 maybe one day we could jump together. To top it off myself and a load others have raised a good amount of money for a special charity priceless.

Christine Learmonth

Sep 13

Hiya i had the best time ever on friday! My FIRST skydive! Will not be the last! Planning next jump! Although I'm thinking I need to get bit fitter, did not expect my muscles to be this sore but im thinking thats because I was so tense! Anyway thanks heaps for a really amazing experience and thanks Pokie! Will see you again soon I hope!

Jeremy Turner

Sep 13

I would like to personally thank everyone at Sibson for a brilliant few days on my AFF level 1, from the cafe staff through to pilot, ground control, packers, my instructors and of course special mention must go to 'Top Gun' Sarah who was my tutor for the course - as all of us guys agreed it was a brilliant moment when she stepped into the fold and mentioned she'd only done over 4000 jumps! any bravado we had disappeared! think I bit my lip!
In short we couldn't have asked for a better instructor - Sarah was patient, enthusiastic, affable and made sure we understood what was being asked of us for the first jump with constant testing and questions throughout the two days. 
I made so many new friends and it was remarkable how everyone bonded having shared such an experience, would I be right in saying that parachuting is a great leveller? I was still at the airfield hours after my jump, chewing the fat with other jumpers. Roll on level 2!

Wayne Bull

April 2013
Hello Guys. Just a short note to let you know, that my first tandem jump on the 6th of April was a most fantastic experience. I only knew I was jumping when I turned up at the venue! (That was quite a surprise from the Wife). I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the aerodrome. So much in fact, I will be booking another Tandem Skydive in the near future.

Christopher Shortland

March 2013

Many thanks for the great skydiving experience on Friday, I was on a high for the rest of the day. The only problem with it was that on my birthday which was the next day I felt flat and deflated as what could I do to top the high of the day before?
If you can pass on my thanks to the rest of the team who were all friendly and approachable which made the experience even better.  Special thanks to my instructor (forgive me but names have eluded me but he was an ex para) and the lovely camera person who filmed the event for me. Bit of a shock when I looked up during freefall and there she was right in front of me! Just a shame when being filmed I was nervous as hell and also not being a camera person I probably sound like a right fool whenever I spoke!
I'll be back to do another tandem skydive soon as I have said I will go with my aunt as she would also like to do one, then hopefully I'll take a look at the 'AFF' course. Many thanks again and keep up the good work,

Rachel Simpson

March 2013 

Just wanted to say thank you to all of your team for a fabulous time last weekend... the feedback from all 14 CYM charity tandem skydivers has been hugely positive - we all had a fantastic time and many of the participants are looking to do further fundraising jumps in the future. Thank you to Mark and all the team for all your help.

Kay McCormick

March 2013

Just wanted to say a very big thank you to you all,  i was encouraged to take part in a tandom sky dive which i booked back in november and before i knew it 3rd march was here, and i am not gonna lie i was a tad scared and even theough the instructor you paired me with was funny and joking, it did make me feel a little at ease and he was very reasuring, and does all this makes want to take part in another tandom...........YES it does as i loved every minute of it.  So thank you so much again :D


Nikki Lin

March 2013

Just to say a big thankyou to Paul for looking after me today on my first ( but not my last!) tandem skydive! I was very nervous but am so glad i did it, as it was great fun!!..so thankyou again and hope to see you all soon. 

Charlotte Kebbell

March 2013

I did a tandem skydive on Saturday 2nd March and would just like to say thank you to you all, especially my instructor, Kev, who made it a fantastic and stress free experience for me. I’m not sure if I could call it fun… I think I need to do another one to confirm that ;-) I would be very grateful if you could pass on my thanks to Kev!

Adele Waring

Feb 2013

Just to say thank you to you and Dan for taking such fantastic photos of our tandem jumps on Saturday at Sibson.  We couldn't have asked for nicer people to keep our spirits up and keep us positive! Can't believe we did it! 

Tim Plummer

Feb 2013

I managed to complete all 8 levels of my AFF course in 3 days, couldn't have hoped for more! Everything seemed to slot into place and I really started to enjoy it from saturday. Once again many thanks for your help on the ground school, I had a few moments of doubt during the malfunction drills and again in the plane on jump 2, but luckily got my head sorted. Its probably the most intense 4 days i've ever had but I'm buzzing now.

Darren Brady

Sept 2012
Sarah I would just like to thank you for the hard work you put in on friday it was INCREDIBLE so much all I can think about is my next jump. However I cannot help felling that I did'nt do as well as I could of done, however Sarah I think you are a ture specialist at want you do and I would injoy working with agian,  I am HOOKED!

Laura-Jayne Burke

Sept 2012

I recently came for a skydive with you at Sibson as a 21st Birthday present from my family. I am just emailing to say thank you for making the whole experience so brilliant. Everyone was lovely and friendly and full of enthusiasm, which definitely helped with my nerves. I really liked my tandem instructor Chris and my cameraman Dan, who were full of jokes and banter, they made me smile all day! The DVD is also amazing, when I watch it I feel like I'm reliving the whole experience. Can't stop talking about it to anyone who will listen! I really really loved the whole day and will most definitely be back again, hopefully for another tandem before I start learning to skydive myself. Thank you so much for an amazing experience!

Ben Snowden

Sept 2012
I did a tandem jump yesterday and just wanted to say how great all the staff were, especially my tandem buddy Matt Robinson. From the minute he introduced himself his attitude was great, he looked almost as excited as me and really helped ease my tension. He spoke to me like a friend rather than a client and made the jump a phenomenal experience. He is a great asset to your company and a damn nice guy as well! The whole team were really friendly which made waiting for a low cloud base to lift was no problem at all. You have a great team and I am sure you are proud of them. Thanks again for a great experince and thanks again to Matt.

Caroline Harris-Haynes

Oct 2012
Just want to say I had the best experience ever on Saturday.  Everyone was really lovely, especially Matt my instructor and the funny man from Sth Yorkshire Fire Service.  I was made to feel very welcome, put at ease and consequently had the time of my life...it was awesome.   Won't be my last dive, I will be back.

Nicola Griffin

Oct 2012
Would just like to say a very big thank you to you all at Sibson on 20th oct! With special thanks to my 'dive buddy' Chris, can not believe how you took away any nerves I had, it truly was an amazing experience!  I will definitely have to come back, maybe it could be an annual treat, for another tandem skydive. Thank you to Sarah too, the photos are fantastic. 

Reyhan Fedil

August 2012


Thank you for the email, and for the excellent weekend I have just experienced at your facility. Your staff and the way it was set up was second to none. And I can honestly say I have never met such a bunch of genuine, sociable, and friendly members of students and staff. I will be back at a later date, once I get a chance to clear my diary. Once again big thank you to you and all your team.


Harriet Bastiani

August 2012

I just wanted to say thank you for a really fantastic day on Saturday at Sibson Airfield in Peterborough. All the staff at Sibson were really helpful and the professionals who jumped in tandem with us were all great fun and really reassuring.  We are also pushing the £1,500 mark in the amount raised for Arthur Rank Hospice which is fantastic.  We are trying to get an article in the Cambridge newspapers this week, so we will let you know if it is published. Can you pass on my particular thanks to the photographer who took my photos on the day, he was a great laugh, was a good focus and helped calm my nerves before the jump … if you ask who had the annoying girl with lots of demands about what she wanted from her photos (which made him as nervous as me about the jump!) I am sure you will find out who I mean! I am actually thinking of doing it again and am wondering if I am brave enough to try your level one course… I will let you know! 

David McGuiness

August 2012 

Hi Grant, thank you for a lovely day last Thursday when I did my Tandem Jump. It was a fantastic day & finished off with that co-pilot flight. (Very impressive). All your staff there were very friendly & made us feel very welcome. Once again thank you for a great day.

Ann Wells

June 2012 
A massive thank you to Grant for all your advice (and training). Please also say thanks to little 'Angel', aka Chris - his sense of humour added to the fun of the day.

Margaret Fletcher

June 2012
Thank you very much for helping Rachel Peachey do her tandem skydive on 11 June. She has raised about £1000 for our village fund to help with schooling for children in the Solomon Island villag we support. She really enjoyed it (which is more than I would have done!). Thanks again. 

Naomi Old

June 2012
I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone for giving me and my friends the best day of our lives. I was so terrified this morning but it all disappeared thanks to all of you. A special thanks to Chris for getting me out of the plane. George was right - you are wicked! We are already talking about another one so will hopefully see you all soon. Thank you so much again, Naomi, Hayley, Chris and Greg. 

Rehan Akhtar

June 2012
Sarah, just wanted to say a big thanks for your help with my tandem yesterday - it was awesome! I still can't believe I did it! I will be doing it again as the freefall part was hardcore intense! Thanks again.

Rachel Crawford

May 2012
Thank you so much to Steve, my instructor. He made my day, honestly it is the best thing I have ever done and I can't thank everyone enough!  

Edward Oakweld

June 2012

I have just watched my footage on Facebook and my sides are still hurting from watching it over and over again - great job done by all! I will have to do another jump as it would be rude not too! Just to say it was the best thing I have ever done, the complany and the people you have down at Sibson airfield is first class, I will tell people that I know that this is the best place to come and skydive. Thank you for this experience! 


Clair Lander

May 2012
Guys thank you so much, me and Brad had the best day ever! First time ever for both of us and we loved it, hopefully we will be back soon! Brilliant!! 

Hayley Bellamy

May 2012

I did a tandem jump last weekend and I just wanted to say a huge thanks to everyone concerned. I had a brilliant time and it was one of the best experiences of my life. I received my DVD yesterday and it is fantastic so thank you. I want to say an extra thanks to Nick (my instructor) who got me safely to the ground and looked after me very well. I want to do it again! 


Rachel Kirk

April 2012

I have just received my DVD and photo's, they are brilliant! I had an awesome day and really enjoyed the skydive, I just couldn't talk when I landed as I was so overcome with emotion! Bring it on for next year!


Anna Hale

April 2012
Thank you for the DVD and still photos, they are fantastic! I have also been keeping track of the films on Facebook which are so good! Hopefully I will be back soon for another jump as I can't stop smiling it was so amazing! 

Diane Webb

April 2012

My photo's and DVD arrived this morning and they are great, thank you. All of us who jumped on behalf of the Neuro Foundation had a great time and enjoyed our experience and can't wait to do it again. Hopefully this will be some time next year! Thanks again!




Darren Lucas

March 2012

We are boring everyone with our tales of skydiving! Alan texts and rings me daily, Wayne is still in shock at what he did and Darryl is going to grow his hair and call everyone a dude from now on! Jokes aside though it was a totally fantastic day. The training was first class and the club has not one hint of clicky about it which we have found else where at other things we have tried. Please thank Mark for us all - a great teacher. We feel like skydivers now! Alan, Darryl and myself are going all the way with it as we are hooked. Wayne is up for one more jump as he is miffed he didn't pull his parachute himslef. I think he will go all the way too. My personal thanks goes to Paul and Chris who we all said were the cherry on the top of the whole experience. Your balance of seriousness and fun are just right so keep up the good work. We will promote and supposrt the club in whatever way we can and look forward to continuing our training at the end of April.

Chris Cooper

March 2012 

Thanks alot for that experience today!! Was amazing, defo coming back for more.

Victoria Alice Matuszczyk

April 2012
I did a charity skydive on Sunday with Grant Richards. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to him and all of you for such an amazing experience.The whole day was excellent! The weather was amazing, you were all upbeat and friendly yet extremely professional. Everything you want and need when you are goinf to throw yourself out of a plane! I will be recommending you to everyone. 

Darren & Rachel Kirk


Hi to all of you at Sibson Airfield. Thank you so much for making Saturday a fantastic day, everyone who jumped said they had a wonderful experience, and all the staff were absolutely brilliant. We are talking about coming back to you next year to do another sky dive for the same charity. Since we did the sky dive on Saturday we have had loads of interest in doing one next year. We are all really looking forward to receiving our pictures and videos. Once again many thanks and hope to see you all next year.Here is something for you to look at from our day with you http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fsi7zOaT2MQ&feature=share&h=2AQFMnPZMAQHYnEOkhVVI8NLwiLbpu27VaY1ejd1grdvTsw&enc=AZMFTeUCPCJOdSLV2z1DYz6ElxOGtQNUL70GCMKfsbGYi6MlVSrLj96xARgw90w2GCCY65JSWO7cadQ7Wcz9_CoK 

Andy Masters

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for making my skydive such an amazing experience! Chris, you are a legend and I can't thank you enough for giving me some truely unforgettable memories. 

Brian Gray

Just a brief note to say thanks very much for the work you put into the DVD for Cameron's Christmas pressie - he loved it! He has signed up for the Accelerated Free Fall course and gone out and bought a 'GoPro' camera! (which he knows he can't use for a while!). 


Mary-Lou Barratt

We just wanted to say thank for making us feel so welcome for our first training weekend. Shame there was no jumping but at least we got all the kit and docs sorted so we will be ready to jump next time we descend on you! See you in April, The Canopy Pirates. 


Justin Gumm

Dear Grant, I pitched up at the DZ on Saturday following a recommendation from Sarah Neale and wanted to drop you a line to thank you for an epic weekend. I was blown away by the friendliness of your team and also with the sensitivity they used when dealing with my girlfriend who had some issues. I am especially grateful to Sam Lee, who sorted out coached FS jumps from himself and Dorian for me. Last but not least, yourself – really welcoming and I felt really good to be on the DZ even though I’m a newbie to the sport and it was my first time at Sibs. Expect to see me back real soon!!!

Paul Stevenson

5 Feb 2012 

Hi Sibson people, just thought I'd like to say a big thank you to all you lot. Every DZ states that they are the friendliest one, but from my experience you are the friendliest by far, and even in the chilly Arctic like temperatures that were on your 1st 2 days of opening for 2012 and my 1st time at Sibson I still got my FS Coached jumps underway, something which i've been looking to get started for a few months at other DZs but with no luck. So again a big thank you to all my coaches, Conrad, Dorian and Fiona and all the other people who made me feel so welcome and Sibson will now be my 1st choice of DZ in the future and have recommended you to all the fellow skydivers I know looking for coaching. The only slight downside for me is that your not open full time in the week and weekends are hard for me to get off work so would love you to open a few extra days in the week. Looking forward to the next jumps already.

Julia Scotland

Nov 2011

Hi all - I just wanted to say a massive thank you for such a wonderful
experience on Sunday. I had a tandem jump with Chris who was funny and put
me at ease. I was not at all nervous - just excited and he just added to my
experience. I felt completely safe at all times and had the most awesome
time. I will most definitely be back to jump again ... in the summer. Thank you also for helping me raise £550 for Wood Green Animal Shelters.

Siobhan Murphy
Just a quick email to thanks, particularly to Chris, for my tandem skydive yesterday. Chris made me feel totally at ease and I enjoyed every second of it...just wish I had an airfield nearer so I could do it again and again.

Oliver Thompson

27 Nov 10

Hi everyone, I just want to say thank you all so much for a great day last Saturday 27th Nov 2010, and thanks to Chris for a wonderful jump! It was the best thing I've ever done and I'd love to do it again but next time it will be in the summer! I've recieved the video and stills and can now enjoy it all over again. Despite the fact that I am in a wheelchair it was an exhilarating and freeing experience and I felt really safe, and I raised lots of money for Ataxia UK. Thank you again, look out for me next year, I will be back!

Liz Evans

27 Oct 10

Just wanted to say thank you for an absolutely brillant experience when I did my jump on the 17th. Although it took a while for me to finally get up there and do the jump, it was certainly worth the wait. The weather was fantastic which made it even better I am sure. Nik and Sarah were both brilliant, she did well to edit all my over excited bad language out from when I lnaded, I just couldn't contain myself and totally forgot she was filming! 



Rosanna Adam

24 Oct 10

Hi Grant. Just to say a HUGE thank you to you and all of your team for Saturday. Everyone had such an amazing experience! One that I would definitely like to repeat some time. We're all still buzzing, it was so fantastic. Please thank all of your team for their work on Saturday as everyone felt very safe and happy pre and post jump. Thanks again, all the best.

Paul Dixon

13 Oct 10

I have recieved and viewed the images and DVD and they are superb. Please pass on my thanks to all the staff for an awesome jump and overall experience. 

Joanna Lee

14 Sep 10.

Hi all. Just wanted to drop a few words to say thanks for looking after me on Saturday on my charity skydive, what an amazing experience. A big thanks to Chris who made me feel at ease and made me laugh, a great guy!!! (Hope he made it to the tigers match, and sorry I didn’t buy him that drink lol). I was so ill after, being sick that I didn’t get to thank u all very well. I was in bed from 4.30pm till Sunday 11am and was sick loads lol !!! but OMG I jumped out of a plane. My two friends are jumping on Saturday afternoon so I might pop along and watch someone else do it and see you all again. Take care and hope your having a great week.

David Stoner

12 Sept 10 - Just wanted to say thank you after my skydive last friday, it was an amazing experince and big thanks to Alf who was brilliant all the time. I will certainly remember my 60th birthday and have not stopped talking about it since and recommending people give it a try!

Misty Culpin
12 Sep 10

Many many thanks for the wonderful experience of skydiving last Sunday.at Sibson. All the staff were so helpful and friendly, putting me at ease from the start.Special thanks to Chris - my tandem anchor, and for those few minutes, my best friend in the whole world!! I felt safe the whole time.The photos are fantastic. so congratulations to the photographer who circled around us in a most amazing way.

Sharon Smith
4 Sep 10

I just wanted to say a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to Mark for my tandem skydive on Sunday. It has to be THE BEST experience ever and I definitely want to do it again. I have a huge grin on my face everytime I talk about it. Mark was so funny and put me at ease immediately and I couldn't have asked for anyone better. Not sure it was such a good idea to hit him in the face whilst putting on my harness !! (obviously it was an accident!). Thankfully he forgave me and didn't release me at 12,000 feet! Please can you pass on my Thanks to him, he made my birthday definitely one to remember !!! I cant wait to receive my photos and DVD.


3 Sep 10

Just thought I'd drop you a mail to say a big thanks to you all there for an absolutely unbelievable experience. By far one of the best things anyone could ever experience. Only wish it'd last for longer. Has certainly wetted my appetite. Think once I've got the pennies saved I'll be tempted to come back for more. Must say thanks to Trev for having such a calming attitude and arguably being one of the coolest geezars I've ever met (do the dragon!!!). Looking forward to getting my dvd through. All the best to you and the great team there.



Kimberley Reece

27 Aug 10

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and your team for the tandem skydive I bought for my partner for his birthday. He had an amazing day and although he has a fear of heightshe felt completely reassured, looked after and safe.It was a surprise and I really thought he was going to turn to me at 7.30am and ask me if I was joking! But he had the time of his life, and although its an experince that cannot be compared to, I do think a huge part of it was how everyone there made him feel comfortable and relaxed and kept him laughing and enjoying the whole experince. One thing I can't thank you enough for is that he is now trying to get me to do one! Thank you again I will definitely be recommending UK Parachuting at Sibson to anyone I can find brave enough to give it a go!

Carol King
20 Aug 10

To everyone at Sibson, a really big thank you from me and my daughter Helen for a truly amazing experience. Trevor, my tandem partner,and Grant, Helen`s partner were brilliant and made us feel so safe and relaxed. Words cannot describe how awesome it was freefalling and spinning then floating through the clouds. It was over too so we are definitely coming back for another jump soon. Can't wait ! Thank you so much.

Jess Eddowes
20 Aug 10

I would just like to say a big thank you to you all for making my day so enjoyable and memorable yesterday!  You were all so welcoming and friendly so despite my nervousness (as I'm sure Chris noticed from the moment of training), you made me calmer. My jump was an experience that I will never forget and find hard to describe at the moment!  It was great.  My daughter, Elle (who came with me) now wants to book with your company when she is 16 (so only one and a half years to go!), and that was down to you all being great. Thank you to UK Parachuting, and to Chris for his jokes too!

Poonam Chaphekar

17 Aug 10

Hi guys, hope you are all doing well - any sore heads your way? Needless to say those of us who left at 8pm were rahther hammered and paying for it this morning! Just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone at UK Parachuting for an amazing day. Most definitely the best experience I have ever had (and finally managed to tick that off my bucket list) but I think I have caught the skydiving bug so will no doubt see you all soon! Special thanks to Jimmy for being a fab instructor, I didn't panic once! Super smooth and safe as houses. I am still jealous you get to do this for a living! Trev, Chris, Nick many special tahnks to all of you - had an amazing day and thanks for the post jump banter at the bar!

Emma Benton
16 Aug 10

I just wanted to say a massive thank-you to you all for really making my day on Sunday.  I've raised more than £1,500 for the Multiple Sclerosis Society which you guys helped with so I'm really grateful.  I had such an amazing time and you all made me feel really welcome.  Please pass on my huge thanks to Trev who made me feel at ease and made it an unforgettable experience.  The singing on the way down was truly beautiful and the spins were amazing!  Although I'm disappointed we didn't get to see the rainbow so will definitely be coming back to experience that sometime soon. 

Wendy Nelson
11 Aug 10

Hi, I would just like to say a big thank you to Trevor my tandem partner and to Grant my cameraman for making my first tandem parachute jump yesterday (07/08/2010) so unbelieveable. Trevor made me totally at ease and made the whole experience amazing - particularly the rainbow! I shall defintely be doing another one very shortly.

Don Avery

2 Aug 10 - Hi there, I would just to say a big (nay Huge) thank you to everybody I met at UK Parachuting, Sibson Airfield, on 1 August for making my first Tandem Skydive an experience I will never forget, and have recommended to friends on Face-book. You were all so friendly and the fact I was so delighted and not nervous in the slightest was down to everybody at the airfield! However I would mainly put that down to Trevor for being an amazing instructor, who gave us such wonderful instruction before, during the flight and whilst flying on a cushion of air. I really cannot thank him enough for making me feel so calm and safe with him, we had such a laugh, and he even sang to me on the way down. I can recommend it to anyone who like me raises money for their chosen charity You will not regret it!
Best wishes Sibson

26 July 10

Hi Guys, I had to email & say a HUGE thank you for yesterday 24th July 2010 ... My first ever Tandom Sky-Dive!  I did it for the British Heart Foundation & I have always wanted to do a Sky-Dive but I've also always been scared of heights so I committed myself to doing it for charity so I could focus on a good cause & not my own fears! Anyway it was the most AWESOME experience of my life to date!!  The team @ Sibson are soo friendly, witty & professional that my nerves disappeared by the time I was boarding the plane (which is soo cool & looks like an A-Team Cessna Caravan!). My instructor was the gorgeous Nick from Sheffield... Nick you are the best & I want to thank you soo much for giving me an experience I will never ever forget!  In fact I will be back for more as there is nothing like that buzz you feel when you are free-falling through the clouds at 120mph.. Sorry I didnt get more of a chance to talk to you after! The best bit was the serene feeling when the shoot goes up & you glide through the clouds taking in the amazing views around you. I cannot wait to come back again - I want Nick again.. This time I'm up for more spinning!! ;) I will be bringing all my friends down too as this is something they need to experience!  You truly are an awesome team & I'm jealous you get paid to have so much fun! Hopefully see you all soon.

Sarah Tolley-Termine
26 July 10

I just wanted to congratulate your company on giving me the most fantastic experience skydiving.  So much better, and surprisingly less scary than I could of imagined. I am a little embarressed that I cannot recall my instructors name who did the tandem jump with me.  He was a curly haired dude.  I keep getting the name Seth, but dont know if the jump jellied my brain.  He was absolutely superb. Made me feel completely comfortable and happy to throw myself out of a plane. My experience has meant that I will without doubt do it again.  I will do for charity next time, hopefully next year.  If you could pass my thanks onto the instructor and a big thank you to yourself, for a well organised experience.  This was an experience that I have already recommended to everyone who has asked me how I got on. See you all again soon.  It was truly ace.


Ted Ridge
17 July 10 - Thank you for a fabulous day today I'm still buzzing at 12.45am, I must admit to being terrified for the past three months since my life long friend Bryan told me I has down to do a tandem skydive (ask next time Tyler)! After many thoughts of chickening out I decided to face my fear, and not regretted it after completing my jump today. My instructor 'Nick' was brilliant and kept me clam throughout the whole experience, he talked me out of my fear on the aircraft and helped me to enjoy this amazing experience. After three months of sleepless nights the aircraft door opened and I was hurtling through the air, it was a fantastic feeling and felt very safe with Nick strapped to my back, the canopy opened and 'wow' the silence and view was breath taking, Nick was chatting to me and reassuring me all the time, I felt so safe I don't know why I had been worried the past three months, awesome thank you can't wait to do it again, not bad for someone scared of heights! Thanks to all of you and a big thank you to Nick.


Marco Sementa
6 Jul 10 - Just wanted to send you an email to thank you for the jump on Saturday and making it a very enjoyable experience. The staff were very friendly and the whole experince was a very good one. I will look to organise another event soon as all of the jumpers have said they loved the jump and would do it again. Can’t wait to see my pics and show everyone!

Zara Hull

20 June 10

Sponsored Skydive for Ovarian Caner - Raising Over £1000! Thought I would send an email just to say a major thank you to everybody at Sibson, for making my first Tandem Skydive an experience to remember! You were all so friendly and the fact I was not nervous in the slightest i think was down to everybody at the airfield! I am so glad i captured the whole experience on video with photos aswell, I look forward to receiving these in the next couple of days!  I would also love to really thank Trevor for being an amazing instructor i really cannot thank him enough for making me feel so calm and safe with him, such a laugh! Really have had such an amazing day, i was left speechless at how amazing it felt, and am already chomping at the bit to get back and relive the moment all again!  Will certainly be back as soon as possible to do it all again, would love to take up skydiving as a hobby! Really recommend it to anybody! You will not regret it! Thank You! See you all soon! 

Amy Rudkin

19 June 10

To everyone at Sibson, I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who made my first tandem skydive an experience that I will never forget! The morning was just so relaxed and easy!! I arrived at 0845 and registration took minutes! Everyone was so friendly and helpful which was great especially as we were all so nervous!!! We then received our briefing of what to do (and not to do) during our dive. This was clear and simple to follow! There was no hanging around before my name was called over the tannoy! Which is when I met Chris McCann the instructor I was completing my skydive with. What a fantastic man!!!! He is definately good at his job!!! Throughout the whole experience he made me feel safe and reassured yet still had a very good sense of humour which was what made it even better!!!! From the moment I met him he continued to talk to me, letting me know what we were doing and when! I felt like he really wanted me to get the very best out of my experience!!!! Considering I have never jumped out a "perfectly good plane" before I can honestly say I loved every minute of it and I am definately coming back this summer to do it all again!!!! Thanks again to everyone at Sibson - most of all Thank you Chris!!!!! :-)


Denise Williams

18 June 10

I have received our pictures and DVD and would like to say thanks, they look fantastic! I have already shown friends, family and even students at school who have been highly amused. :0)

Allan Heron

18 June 10

I just wanted to send an email to say we all really appreciated the hospitality last weekend. The instructors really went out their way to make sure we all enjoyed it. Everyone had a ball. A special thanks to the 'Big Bearded Weirdo' as he calls himself for getting all the lads to the landing site to see myself and the groom in for the last jump. And also not forgetting the beers he got in at the end, it was a great touch and they went down a treat!! :o) Looking forward to next time we can make it down.

John Taylor

10 June 10

Just want to take the opportunity to thank all the staff at Sibson for all their help and support on the day, we had an excellent day and we couldn't have asked for a better experience, its all we've been talking about since we got back. Special mention has to go to Trev my instructor, he made sure I had a great time and I cant thank him enough for the beers and champagne at the end, if you could pass on my best wishes Id really appreciate it. Thanks again and we all hope to see you again in the future.

Kathryn Jane Mcewing

7 June 10

I had such an amazing time today and would like to thank u all, especially the fantastic guy who took me on my first ever skydive...? tho with all the hype i cant believe it his name has slipped my mind... can any ov u help??? he is also a firefighter??.. I could see myself doing this as a living so im gonna get saving..... one of the most memorable and amazing experiences ever, it took my breath away :) thank u xxx


7 May 10

Thanks again for a great day at Sidson. Skydiving exceeded all my expectations and more and was well worth coming all the way from Malta to experience it. My DVD is awesome I haven't stopped watching it since a received it and the photo's are cool too. Definitely want to jump again so next time I'm over in the UK I'll book up with you guys. Thanks again to all the staff :-))

Rosie Walker

6 June 10

Clare Samuel give me your address as I wanted to say thank you for the extra DVD copy of our tandem sky dive and to thank you for the way you happily included both of us in the film. It certainly made the whole experience much more enjoyable and fun. We think you are all a great bunch of people and we will recommend you to everyone. Many thanks.


Clare Samuel

31 May 10

WOW!!!! They're brilliant! Thank you so much. We had such an amazing day and I am so glad we have the memories of it in film and photos!  My 'tracking'(think that's what you guys called it) shots are fantastic!!!I am so thrilled with the results, although I hadn't realised quite how aerodynamic my profile was till now!!!. Thank you again for such a great experience.  I am relocating to Wales shortly and have already checked out the local airfields in the hopes of doing another one soon!!!!! Give 'sweet' Chris a hug from me. Have a lovely summer.



Dorothy King
25 May 10

Hi Sarah, I am more than happy with the skydive, DVD & stills – I salute your skills top girl! You put the photographers and video people I meet in the shade as you do both as well as throwing yourself off the side of a plane, freefall and parachute – total admiration for your skills. I was at a charity meeting today with a Cambridge charity EACH, and they were saying that they have booked Sibson in Seot for a parachute day so hopefully I might just be doing it again. Thanks to you and Grant for making the experience so exhilarating.


Caroline Silverside

18 May 10 - I just wanted to say thanks again to al of you for such an amazing experience. Also I just received my DVD which is fantastic and I can't wait for everyone to see it. You all really put people at their ease. I was extremely nervous but your team and especially Paul, my instructor were brilliant. I am definitely going to recommend you to my friends. Thanks again and I hope to be back.


Scott Hallam

18 May 10

Just a really big thanks for last friday 16th of maydid the tandem jump for my 35th birthday and it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! :)will be doing another really soon, just roping some mates in for next time anywayz, had a gr8 day and will be back soon.




Manny Williamson

18 May 10

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the way I was looked after over the weekend, I thoroughly enjoyed my day’s instruction on Friday (was knackered afterwards!) and Saturday’s first jump was just brilliant. The thoroughness of instruction and the level of care were spot on in every way, you have a great team of guys there and I can’t wait to get back to do level 2 (will be selling the kids on eBay shortly to finance it). Also the guys that did the tandem on the Saturday felt the same and all want to do it again (with some additional bods) so we will be looking to book something in June once we have sorted ourselves out. Will be calling in at some point, until then best regards.



Louise Thacker
Hi I did a skydive on the 14th to celebrate my 30th birthday and that day has turned out to be the best of the 30 years so far. Its impossible to say how amazing it was, I keep trying to tell people but just can’t find the words, probably why I just kept saying amazing!

Thank you so much for being so professional and lovely through the experience, it is the best money I have ever spent and would encourage anyone and everyone to do it … AMAZING.

Melanie Edwards
12 May 10

I just wanted to say an enormous thank you to you for my DVD and photos!  The DVD is absolutely awesome - the music and the effects are just amazing.  It's way better than I dared to imagine it would be so thank you very much.  It's worth every single penny and I can't wait to show it to everyone!

Anne-Marie Roberts
10 May 10 - Wow, what a great experience words, can't wait to do it again. Hi just to let you know i received the DVD today, its brill captures it all. The skydive was brilliant just the breathing on coming out the plane was a bit strange, but once the parachute opened it was the best experience i have ever had, want to do it again and maybe then go on to doing it solo, thank u xx


Nikki Banks

12 May 10 - I had an absolute hoot - you have such an amazing team, I put a fab feedback reference over to Red Letter days about you all. Thankyou to you all so much for a fab time and especially to Trevor for being such a wonderful and passionate instructor - he really made me feel relaxed and ready for it.




Melanie Edwards

10 May 10 - A huge thank you to Trev for being such a calming influence and making my first jump today such an amzing experience.

Michael Fellow

19 March 10 - First and mostly id just like to say thanks for filming my jump and for the crazy awesome editing haha, you did more than I had hoped for by far! I must admit I was plesantly surprised by the music choice to! Its nice to see an action video type film that hasnt been dubbed to 'ramstien'(sp?) rock group or the 'Das boat' techno track as i was expecting it to be one of those if anything - kudos You did an amazing job (well apart from including the joke about my bum in it but as it was funny im not complaining) and really added to the whole day to make it even more fun. Thank you!

Sam Croniken
25 April 10 - Hello , just a quick message to thank you for an amazing weekend at your airfield. We were all made to feel really welcome. Trevor was relaxing and informative before our jump which put some of our group at ease. Special shout out for Chris and Trevor "Good lads!!!!" and last but not least thank you for letting us pitch our tents at such short notice. Again brilliant jump and brilliant weekend Thanks. We will be back rest assured.

Shona Smart

19 April 10 - Hi, Just wanted to say thanks for Saturday, It was an amazing experience and I still havent come down yet, Can you tell Trev he was awesome and I love him and an extra big huge thanks to him for making me and my family a whole lot calmer about everything xxx

Nimisha Patel

5 April 10 - Hello all, I came to you for an adventure to remember for a lifetime on 5th April 2010. Just wanted to say a big fat THANK YOU for making my 30th birthday special and looking after us and just being generally lovely! You were all great but I want to say a special THANK YOU to Trev, who I love! Don't worry I'm not a crazy daisy! I say I love ya because I put my life in your hands and you propa looked after me and gave me an experience that I will never forget! I was sooooooooooooo scared but Trev you were fantastic, you put me at ease with your calming nature and reassuring voice and made this experience a surreal and beautiful one! You propa made sure I was okay and I know you were just doing your job but you do your job real well! (you too Chris) I definately want to experience a Skydive again so thank you for a great introduction! Take care all Lots of love Nimisha x