Beyond AFF – What’s Next

UK Parachuting

So what’s next, you are close to finishing your AFF course and are looking to the next step. On this page we are going to help you along the way and make the next stages as easy as your AFF course was.

Stage 1 – A Licence (Category 8 and at least Canopy Handling (CH) -Grade 1)

  • You have completed your 8 levels of AFF and 10 Consolidation Jumps.
  • Fill out the following form and go your Chief Instructor (CI) to sign, along with 2 passport Photos.  BPA Form 190A (Application for “A” Licence)
  • Complete your CH1 exam, (it’s easy just copy the answers directly from the CH 1 Manual. )Hand this to your CI along with the “A” Licence paperwork
  • Complete a BPA Form 114 (Declaration of Fitness) as you are no longer a student
  • Get some Coaching – UK Parachuting offers Formation Skydiving (FS) Coaching. To hook up with a coach join our FS Coaches facebook group and they will help you out. For all FS coaching prices see bottom of this page
  • We also offer tunnel coaching @Bodyflight Bedford. This is at a cost of £12 per minute which includes your coach. To buy an FS coaching voucher Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page you can purchase tunnel in blocks of 10 minutes. For more information about this email

Stage 2 – B Licence (BPA ‘A’ Licence, 50 descents and at least CH 2
and Jump Master (JM) Grade 1)

If you have any pressing questions there is always an instructor on hand at the drop zone to help you out, alternatively, drop one of the full time staff an email:

For more information on all jumping qualifications check out the BPA operation manual and, or the BPA Website as they lay out all information on how to progress through FS, FF, CP, Wingsuit flying etc.

FS Coaching Jump Prices 2016
2 Way £50.00
2 Way with Kit Hire & Packing £60.00
3 Way £70.00
3 Way with Kit Hire and Packing £80.00
4 Way £90.00
4 Way with Kit Hire and Packing £99.00