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Join Magpas Air Ambulance for a charity skydive on the 11th September 2020  at UK Parachuting Sibson.

Your support will keep our air ambulance flying and our rapid response cars on the road, ready to bring lifesaving care to serious medical emergencies, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

£50 deposit will secure your place *suggested dontation of £350 to the charity.  Book Here 

Magpas Air Ambulance brings crucial lifesaving care by land and air to patients in life-threatening emergencies in the East of England and beyond, 24/7. Based in Cambridgeshire, the Magpas Air Ambulance medical team receives enhanced training which allows them to offer procedures and treatments at the scene, like general anaesthetic, which are usually only available in hospital. This means that the frontline care the team delivers doesn’t just save lives, it helps seriously ill and injured people return to a good quality of life. Magpas Air Ambulance is not a state-funded service and relies on generous public donations to continue saving lives.