Meet The UK Parachuting Team

Jason Thompson

Tomo has been involved in skydiving for over 20 years and has over 9000 jumps and is a multi world record holder. Prior to UK Parachuting Tomo served for 15yrs in the Parachute regiment 10 of which in the Pathfinder Platoon, qualified in military HALO/HAHO and Military Tandem. Currently UK Parachuting Club Chief Instructor ratings held British Parachute Association Advanced Instructor/Accelerated Freefall Instructor/Tandem Instructor/Category System Instructor/Advanced Packer/Canopy piloting coach. Also holds rating under the United States Parachute Association.

Grant Richards

Grant has been involved in skydiving for over 20 years and has amassed over 8000 jumps. Prior to UK Parachuting Grant served for 22 years with the Royal Air Force as a Physical Training and Parachute Jumping Instructor, teaching the British Armed Forces all aspects of military jumping, from static line to high altitude free fall parachuting, to tandem parachuting tuition. He is British Parachute Association (BPA) and United Parachute Association (USPA) accelerated free fall instructor, tandem instructor, free fall coach and canopy piloting coach. Grant is also a BPA parachute pilot and the the Club Chief pilot at UK Parachuting (Sibson).

Chris McCann

Chief Instructor/Examiner/Advanced Instructor/AFF Instructor/Tandem Instructor/CSI/FS Coach/Camera Man/Advanced Packer

Paul Dorward

Drop Zone Manager/AFF Instructor/CSI/Camera Man/FS Coach/CP Coach/FF Coach/ Organiser FF and FS

Vics Bradley

AFF instructor/FS Coach/FS Load Organiser

Becs Bradley

AFF instructor/FS Coach/FS Load Organiser

Matt Robinson

Tandem Instructor

Mark Harris

AFF Instructor/Tandem Instructor/Camera Man/CSI/FS Coach/Wing Suit Coach/Advanced Packer

Ged Parker

Camera Man/FS Coach/FF Coach/Tunnel Instructor/FS and FF organiser

Danny French


Tim Plummer

Camera Man

Nick Davison

AFF Instructor/Tandem Instructor/Camera Man/CSI/FS Coach/FF Coach/CP Coach

Shane Wood

Tandem Instructor/Camera Man/FS Coach

Ollie Neuberger

AFF instructor/CSI/FS Coach/Camera Man

James “Macca” Macdonald

WS Coach/Phoenix Fly Coach Examiner/FF Coach/CH Coach/TR Coach/TBI

Billy Payne

Tandem Instructor/Load Organiser

Chris Sears

Camera Man

Zbigniew Cnotalski ” ZOLO”


Radek Wlazlo

Camera Man/FS Coach/FF Coach/Tunnel Instructor/Tandem Basic Instructor

Dave Keevers

Tandem Instructor/Camera Man/Wingsuit Coach/FS Coach/Basic FF Coach/Tracking Coach

Del Hopkins

AFF Instructor/Tandem Instructor/CS Instructor