What is Tandem Skydiving

By Jude Wison - UK Parachuting

Skydiving or tandem parachuting

Refers to a type of skydiving where a student skydiver is connected to a harness attached to a tandem instructor.

The instructor

Guides the student through the whole jump from exit through freefall, piloting the canopy, and landing. The student needs only minimal instruction before making a tandem jump with the instructor. At UK Parachuting we require that you be 16 years or [...]




Does raising funds for charity make skydiving EVEN BETTER?

By Jude Wison - UK Parachuting

Well, we know skydiving is a fulfilling experience, and we keep going on about how great it is… a special, once in a lifetime make you Cheshire Cat grin for days kind of experience…

What could possibly improve on that? By raising funds for charity of course.

We all have charities which are close to our hearts, a cause which needs more funds to do the special [...]



Its Super Scrambles time

By Jude Wison - UK Parachuting

What is 4-way Formation Skydiving?

A team of 5 people (4 x formation skydivers, 1 x team videographer who jumps with the team), compete over 4 rounds of competition. There are 16 (rookie) unique formations that are drawn randomly prior to the competition. Each round is judged based on the maximum number of formations that can be completed in 35 seconds from leaving the aircraft. [...]




What is so special about skydiving?

By Jude Wison - UK Parachuting

Shopping for really boring household goods (duvets, loo brush, that kind of thing) before a manifest shift a couple of weeks ago – dressed in a UK Para T shirt.

Why am I talking about this?

I was surprised to be confronted by the check out lady. Is that the skydiving place in Sibson she opened with, as it turns out her daughter had tandem skydived with [...]



Tandem Skydive

Skydiving Facts… Did you know…??

By Jude Wison - UK Parachuting

Skydiving is one of the most unique and exhilarating activities you could ever hope to participate in, and it has a long and exciting history. From famous skydivers to impressive jumps, there are plenty of skydiving facts to learn about. We’re here to recount some of our favourites and hopefully tell you something you didn’t already know about skydiving!!


The YOUNGEST skydive:

Did you know that the [...]




TANDEM Skydiving isn’t a team sport, is it?!

By Jude Wison - UK Parachuting

Is it better to skydive alone or with friends?! 

As a tandem skydiving student (that means you haven’t ever skydived before so you are our student) you will be looked after by your very own tandem instructor – he (or she of course!) is going to teach you what to do and keep you safe, whist making sure you have the time of your life…!! Whilst [...]



Mothers Day

Whats it like to Skydive?

By Jude Wison - UK Parachuting

What happens when you skydive out of the plane?

This is such a difficult sensation over load to put into words! What its not like is a roller coaster, you know that tummy flipping, gut wrenching lurch of feeling.  Its very, very obvious that you are falling, and that the earth is getting very close… Very quickly!  (What is also very apparent is that if your [...]



Getting Ready to skydive in 2018

By Jude Wison - UK Parachuting

Finally, its nearly time!! 

We’ve had the winter shut down and are all now eager to start jumping out of planes again. We’ve changed the look of the arrivals office, got shiny new souvenirs for you to buy, packed our parachutes and polished our shoes. So I’m most confident we are ready to welcome you from FRIDAY 2nd MARCH.

Have you booked in yet?

It sounds like a [...]



Baby Ava’s Foundation

By Jason Thompson - UK Parachuting


Come and join the team from Baby Ava’s Foundation,  on the 28th April 2018 @ UK Parachuting (Sibson Airfield) . Have an experience of a lifetime whilst raising funds for a great cause.

We provide memory boxes to parents who have suffered the loss of a baby. Memories are a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never [...]



Skydiving in Winter: Pro Tips On How To Do It Right

By Jason Thompson - UK Parachuting